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Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: How To Uninvite Wedding Guests If Your Plans Changed Due COVID-19

Think you may need to downsize your guest list in light of the pandemic? Communicating this information to invited guests in a thoughtful, tactful manner should cushion the blow. As a Cape Town wedding planner we are here to show you how to do just that:

1) Who Should You Cut From Your Guest List?

The C and D List

Anyone who was late to be added to your guest list in the first place will likely be the first to go. We’re talking the C and D list, people who you’d love to have on the dance floor, but are not vitally important to your experience of the day.

These will be different for every couple but may include guests like work colleagues, friends of your parents, extended cousins, friends’ children, or old school pals, particularly any ‘obligatory’ invites.

Vulnerable and Elderly Guests

We know the idea of cutting your granny from your guest list seems extremely harsh. But in the coming months, even as restrictions lift, we’re all going to have to play a role in safeguarding the most vulnerable in our society.

  • If you have vulnerable guests among your non-negotiables (like parents or siblings), it might be worth keeping some element of your wedding to immediate family members so you can accommodate and protect them.
  • Any elderly and vulnerable guests you can no longer invite will understand the situation, and may even be relieved that they aren’t expected to attend.
  • If it’s someone you’re close to (like a grandparent or close relative) think about visiting them in your wedding day attire, or sending them a bouquet of flowers to they know they’ve missed on the day.

Guests Travelling from Overseas

Again, we’re not telling you to uninvite your best friend who lives in Australia. After all, most guests who planned on traveling for your big day are likely to close pals or relatives. But if we’re realistic, it will be some time before international travel resumes with any regularity and may still require quarantine on either side.

2) Talk to Family Members and Your Wedding Party

You have your squad and your family members on board, but what happens if they’re located in different countries where travel restrictions remain in place or they’ll have to self-quarantine depending on proximity? Reach out to your core loved ones first about realistic expectations regarding your wedding date. Some guests may not necessarily feel comfortable traveling at this time, so have the important conversations to gauge the comfort level of your loved ones first and foremost.

3) Be honest but compassionate in your delivery

Let them know it was a difficult decision to make. After careful consideration of all your options, this seemed like the best way to protect your loved ones’ health and safety.

4) Keep it fair

Create an across-the-board rule for how you’re reducing the guest list — like keeping it to just immediate family and the bridal party, for example. That way uninvited guests won’t take your decision personally.

5) Let guests know as soon as you’re able

It’s the courteous thing to do. This is especially important for summer weddings that are right around the corner. As well as upcoming destination weddings where guests will need more advanced notice to cancel flights and accommodations.

6) Share the news in a phone call

Picking up the phone to reach out to those guests who you will unfortunately no longer be able to accommodate, will ensure the message is not miscommunicated.

Another idea: Make a video explaining your need to hold a much smaller celebration than you had initially planned.

7) Think about live streaming the wedding

Contact your guests by phone or video to say hello. Then affirm how much they mean to you. Lastly, see how they are themselves doing during this period of the pandemic. Let them know if you’ll be live-streaming the wedding and express your hope that they’ll tune in at that time.

Ideas: Couples have been able to host virtual weddings via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Live.

8) Be thoughtful about how you share your wedding photos

Since it’s a special day for you, your original guest list will want to celebrate regardless.

A thoughtful way to approach this step is by sharing images from your wedding day first with all your guests. That way they will still feel as if they were part of your day.

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