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Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: Photography Styles and Selection

Cape Town Wedding Planner

When planning your Cape Town wedding, photography is considered one of the most important steps. It can also be considered as one of the most difficult choices to make, as you can never guarantee how your pictures are going to look.

When selecting your wedding photographer, in Cape Town or anywhere, you should take careful notes in your research. This way you are ensured to select the perfect photographer that is suited to your unique taste and style.

As a Cape Town Wedding Planner, I have seen many photography styles, but these selected few have to be my all-time favourite!

What is your wedding photography style?

Before you begin researching photographers, you’ll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer. As that will help determine which kind of photographer you’ll want shooting your wedding day.

Believe me, there are more styles than you would think, but once you know what to look for you can spot these different styles easy-peasy!

1. Portrait Photography or Traditional Photography

Classic or traditional photography is like what many couples parents have stored in an album from their wedding day. These are usually considered as straightforward photographs and not too highly creative. Typically they are captured at an eye-level shot. You will also find that photographers now use this technique for family portraits after the ceremony.

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2. Photojournalism or Storytelling Photography

Documentary-style photographs can often make for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images. This is why many photographers have adopted a photojournalistic style. These photographers treat the wedding day like a story that is unfolding in front of your wedding guests. They let the moments unfold naturally, then snap away, recording the magic as it happens.

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3. Editorial Wedding Photography

On the opposite end of the wedding planning spectrum, editorial images are much more posed, almost like a fashion magazine. This style is rarer in the wedding photography industry, but many photographers have perfected this style by slipping this style in more naturally. You can see photographs will use this approach in the couple shoot or even in the shots of the bride.

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4. Dramatic Wedding Photography

Dramatic photography can take a few approaches, but it mainly consists of the photographer using light as a creative source. Either creating lens flares, bright light, shadow, or creating a dark and moody setting.

Not surprisingly, dark-and-moody photographs are just like they sound dark, moody, and dramatic.

In this style, the photographer is looking to photograph the couple with shadows or harsh lines that create unusual and creative patterns or lighting. This style includes dark editing and dark shooting. Over the last few years, couples have gravitated toward this effect and are seen in more and more wedding magazines.

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Once you know the style of the photographer that you are looking for, this will make your decision making so much easier. Don’t forget, that your photographer is the pro, and their style comes naturally to them!

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