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Kiddie-winks at your wedding

Often when you imagine your perfect day, you picture the movie scene toddler strolling cutely down the aisle before introducing the lushes bride.  Or even sweeter, the little one brings the rings on a fluffy pillow or a pretty box for the couple to exchange their rings. Adorable right? Well sometimes this is the case, but often it doesn’t quite work out that way.

As a Cape Town Wedding Planner, here are a few tips to help prepare and guide the little ones. This is a big moment for them too, and we would not want it ending in tears and tantrums:

  1. No matter how social the little bundle of joy may be, or how confident you are in them they nearly always get stage fright on the day. A great way to manage this is to have them walk in pairs down the aisle instead of doing it alone. In this case, two is better than one!
  2. Assign a bridesmaid to the kiddy: Should the little one get stage fright the bridesmaid can scoop them up or hold their hand and walk the way together. Preventing any odd moments of people thinking about intervening but hoping that someone else will instead.
  3. It is a good idea to seat the parent or a sibling of the child close to the end of the aisle. They are then able to coach the little one down the aisle. Often, the cute kiddie-wink will just run towards their parent, so make sure to get them a good seat!
  4. If they are to carry the rings for the ceremony (although this is not usually recommended) make sure to tie the rings to the cushion or secure the box. Yes, they can drop and loose these very quickly.
  5. Make it fun! Instead of pressuring them to stand here and walk like this, rather allow them to have fun doing it. This puts less pressure on them before the wedding, and they are more likely to enjoy themselves and look super cute.
Photographer: Madi van Der Westhuizen at Lentille Amour Photography
Photographer: Madi van Der Westhuizen at Lentille Amour Photography

These are just a few wedding ideas to make sure that this day is extra perfect! At the end of the day, smile, laugh, relax and enjoy the moment. Kids are fun and they bring an extra light-heartedness to this big moment.

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