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How to be the BEST Best Man at a wedding?

There are many points that warrant you into being the best Best Man, a Best Man that will beat all other best men, a Best Man that wins the prize of best men!

Cape Town Wedding Planner
Wedding Photography by Lauren Pretorius

As a Cape Town Wedding Planner, here are a few tips to ensure that you take home the best Best Man prize:

  1. This is a wedding, not a sweet 16th birthday where the aim is to embarrass and mock the groom or the couple. Keep this in mind when preparing your speech.
  2. Your speech: Make sure that your speech is thoughtful and about the couple. Practice this a few times in the mirror to get rid of the jitters.
  3. Mention that the bride is beautiful as many times as possible.
  4. When planning the bachelor party, remember that this is not about what you enjoy, but instead what the groom would enjoy doing and celebrating.
  5. Respect the couples boundaries when planning the stag party, because most couples and brides do have their limits.
  6. Familiarise yourself with the schedule on the day of the wedding. This way you look super organised to the guests!
  7. Assist in ushering the guests and guiding them when needed, for each part of the wedding day.
  8. Be the life of the party and make sure to keep the dancefloor buzzing
cape Town Wedding Planner
Wedding Photography by Lauren Pretorius

This wedding list can be endless, but these are my top recommendations to making sure that the couple is happy, the bride is happy and that the guests are having a great time.

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