Cape Town wedding during COVID-19

Is COVID-19 Gate Crashing your Cape Town Wedding?

Planning your Cape Town wedding in COVID-19?

Love is not canceled! Many Cape Town couples have had to put their dream wedding on hold due to the current pandemic. To make matters worse, Cape Town still seems to be at such a high peak. We can’t yet see the way out or the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not your wedding day – yet, but love is not canceled and there is still hope in the current storm.

If COVID-19 has affected your wedding planning here are 3 ways you can change your current plans to still say I DO in the storm

1) Postpone your wedding but dont cancel it

Understandably you are feeling frustrated, deflated, and downright disappointed. This is STILL your wedding and your time may not be right now, but the day will come and you will be glad that you waited just a little longer.

2) Downscale your Cape Town wedding

Many couples both local and international have come up with fun and unique ways to navigate around the pandemic and its regulations. You could consider downsizing your wedding day and have an intimate social distancing ceremony, followed by a unique staycation!

You still get to say I DO infront of those you love most!

3) Consider an Online wedding day

This trend is happening and its happening now! The couple, marriage officer, and photographer make magic happen with strict social distancing and rules in place to keep all parties safe.

You guests? They are online!

Videographers like Pie in the Sky have streamlined this process that your loved ones can watch you live in the safety of their own homes. There are also other free tools that you can use like Zoom and Facebook live.

Looking for more ways to plan your wedding during COVID-19, check out these helpful tips.

If it’s one thing for sure that is the wedding industry is going to change and probably for good. The R20 billion industry may never be the same again, but this does not need to be a bad thing!

Think of safety first for you and for all your loved ones while making these hard decisions.

And remember we are always here to help you navigate this wedding planning journey!

To make sure you enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey,  consider booking a Cape Town wedding planner.

With love from Cape Town Wedding Planner and Virtual Assistant,

The Wedding Fairy 

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