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How to Have an ECO-FRIENDLY and Sustainable Wedding

Your wedding day is considered one of the greatest moments of your life, but it can also be considered as the most wasteful. You can change this by making your wedding more eco-friendly.

Reducing your carbon footprint while planning your wedding day is something you need to consider. In Cape Town, we are spoilt for choice because of this big movement in South Africa to move towards a more green lifestyle. Read more about getting married in Cape Town here.

Planning an environmentally friendly and sustainable wedding does not need to be more stressful than planning a “normal wedding”, it all comes down to those simple choices that can make the biggest impact.

The Wedding Fairy has put together some simple ways for you to make your wedding day more environmentally friendly:

Responsibly sourced engagement and wedding rings for a sustainable wedding

When choosing your engagement or wedding bands stop to consider how these rings were made, where the diamond or gemstone came from, and who made them.

  • Aim to shop from local stores.
  • Track the origins of your diamond or gemstones. You can use the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme for tracking your stones.
  • Ask your jeweler if they’re committed to conflict-free baubles.
  • Did you know that lab-created stones have less impact on the environment?
  • We recommend the local jeweler, Benedikt Diamonds, who guarantee 100% ethically sourced, conflict-free & child labor free diamonds.
Eco-friendly wedding rings by Cape Town wedding planner.

Go green and choose digital for your wedding invitations

The wedding suppliers of today are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly, which is creating a selection of green options. With the technology of today, together with our creative Cape Town suppliers, there is no need for printed wedding invitations.

  • You can create fun and quirky ideas like a wedding video that is emailed to your guests.
  • Consider Paperless Posts as you can budget around how much you want to spend here.
  • Create a wedding website that has all the necessary information for your guests

If you do decide to opt for printed invitations or even for your wedding stationery, consider using recycled paper options.

Eco-friendly charity focused wedding registry

Everybody loves to receive gifts, especially on your wedding day! This can be a tough decision to make, but if you are into the gift of giving, consider a charity for your registry.

When selecting a charity, chose one that that resonates with who you are as a couple. Do you love animals? Consider your local animal shelters. Love the ocean? Consider The Sustainable Seas Trust or even the Two Oceans Aquarium. Kids? Consider The Homestead Project for Street Children. Art? Consider The Butterfly Art Project.

Your guests can either donate directly to the organization or you can collect the donations on their behalf. However, this can be in the form of money or goods that the organization is in need of.

Eco-friendly and green wedding venues

An easy way to get your wedding moving in the eco-friendly direction is to choose a venue that takes sustainability and the carbon footprint seriously. For instance, you can consider these wedding venues:

Read more about wedding venues in Cape Town here.

Say no to animals in your wedding

As a wedding planner in Cape Town, we have had many requests related to incorporating animals into a wedding. As a result, the answer is always the same, The Wedding Fairy will not work with any animals for any weddings”.

Say no to having animals as part of your wedding, this includes butterflies, doves, horses and carriages, and even the releasing of balloons or lanterns (which is actually now illegal). Not only is it disorientating to the animals, but it also supports an animal cruelty chain that is so much bigger than the wedding industry.

eco-friendly weddings by Cape Town wedding planner

Lose the trash and be environmentally friendly

In every part of your wedding consider the aftermath. Above all, ask yourself “where will this go after the celebration?”

For example you can consider the below options:

  • Excess food: Rather donate to a local shelter
  • Flowers: You can consider asking your guests to take them home to brighten up their house. You could also consider dropping these off at hospitals or old age homes to put a smile on a stranger’s face.
  • Decor: Consider choosing decor that you can incorporate into your home decor, or alternatively you can donate these items to someone less privileged after the wedding.
  • Printed stationery or signage: Ask the venue not to throw these away, rather collect them and send them straight to recycling.
Eco-friendly Wedding by Cape Town wedding planner

In conclusion, every couple can make a difference, so why not start with you?

To make sure you enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey,  consider booking your Cape Town wedding planner by clicking here.

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With love from Cape Town Wedding Planner and Virtual Assistant,

The Wedding Fairy 

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