Wedding Planning during lockdown

Now more than ever to have a wedding planner who is filled with knowledge and direction will help you to enjoy your wedding planning journey, and here is why:

Stay calm and keep planning

Having a wedding planner will allow you the room to breathe and to stay calm in a world that is currently in lockdown. This national lockdown will affect many aspects of your wedding planning so you might feel that this added stress can tip you over the edge. That’s where we step in! We will keep you up to date with the current situation and help to answer your many questions, so you can enjoy this time with your family and loved ones.

They know who to call

A wedding planner has already built relationships in the industry for you, and those relationships mean so much during this COVID-19 outbreak. Suppliers, vendors, and small business owners need the support of each other now more than ever if they are going to survive this pandemic.

As we already have built strong relationships with suppliers we have room to openly chat and come to suitable solutions to the current situation.

Stay connected

Wedding planners have done the research for you, so we know how to keep away from the false news and stick to the current rules and laws.

Wedding planners also are also tech-savvy (at least we are anyway) so taking the planning to strictly digital is very easy in fact its what we do for most of our international couples anyway! Skype meetings, emails, Google, and Zoom conference calls are some of the easy ways we can work around this pandemic.

To make sure you enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey, click to secure your Cape Town wedding planner today.

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With love from Cape Town Wedding Planner,

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