How to ensure you have a Covid friendly wedding

How To Make Your Wedding Covid Friendly Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: How To Make Your Wedding Covid Friendly In light of current social distancing orders, many couples have organized safe, special ways to say "I do" right now. Here…
Cape Town wedding during COVID-19
Cape Town Wedding Planner

Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: How to Univite Guests

Cape Town Wedding Planner tips about how you to downsize your wedding day guest list in light of the pandemic in a polite manner.
Cape Town Wedding Planner

Wedding Dress Shopping During COVID-19

If you are ready to start wedding dress shopping and you're stuck in the COVID-19 lockdown, here are some techno-savvy tricks to still give you the best wedding dress shopping experience!
Wedding Planning during COVID-19

Planning Your Wedding During COVID-19

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning during COVID-19, you’re not alone. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all and couples planning their weddings in 2020 and 2021 are faced with unique and unprecedented challenges.
Wedding Planning during lockdown

Importance of a Wedding Planner During Social Distancing

Now more than ever to have a wedding planner who is filled with knowledge and direction will help you to enjoy your wedding planning journey, and here is why: Stay calm and keep planning Having a wedding planner will allow you the room…