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Say No To The Exploitation of Animals at Weddings

Animals at a wedding sound so cute! We have all played the Pinterest game and seen way too many images to count of brides and grooms incorporating animals at their wedding.

We can even go as far as the tradition of arriving on elephants at ceremonies, a cart-horse pulling your carriage, releasing of butterflies or doves once you have your first kiss. A recent trend is to incorporate llamas into the wedding and pose with them for a couples shoot.

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Being an avid animal lover you may think this is a great idea. This is a way of incorporating more of who you are at your wedding. Wrong. The incorporation of live animals at your wedding is cruel and does a lot more damage than you would think.

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Rented animals at a wedding

You can hire these animals for use on the wedding day. To ensure the animals remain calm and unresponsive they will be drugged. They are also starving to ensure they poop less at the wedding (yes really). Without your knowledge, some can even arrive injured without your knowledge.

Now we won’t say that every animal is starved or drugged. There are local farms that love and care for their animals. However, this provides support to the trade of animals used as a form of entertainment. This can set a president to other couples which continues the cycle of encouragement of this trade in the wedding industry.

There are very few regulations to protect the rights of the animals at a wedding.

The options are endless and the wedding industry is growing vastly. This leaves limited and very few regulations or moderations that have been put in place for this trade in the wedding industry.

The reality is that there is plenty of room for neglect and harm to come to these animals, that will be rented from celebration to celebration.

Cape Town luckily has many animal organizations that try to protect these animals’ rights. However, something such as weddings and events is easy to miss as its seen as less risk.

In 2018 New Dehli decided to take a stand for animal rights in the wedding industry.

At a Hindu wedding, it is an old tradition for a bridegroom to enter the wedding venue on a decked up white mare (called a Ghori).

While this has been a part of the age-old wedding tradition in many regions of India, it’s hard for the mare. Furthermore, the animals arrive injured and hungry or thirsty.

Moved by the plight of these helpless animals, a large number of Delhi-based couples decided to keep them out of their celebrations. They created a new movement to rather make use of vintage cars rather than horses.

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We should take a stand and say no to exploiting animals at weddings.

If you have already had a wedding that has incorporated live animals, we are not here to make you feel guilty. Instead, spread the word of more compassionate ways to show your love of animals.

When planning your wedding you can consider incorporating animals in these simple ways:

  • Incorporate animals into the design of your wedding stationery and invitations.
  • Ask your baker to add your favourite animal as a cake topper.
  • The groom and groomsmen can have cute animal pictures on their socks.
  • Use a cardboard cutout to let them join in the photo booth fun.
  • There’s no better way to honour a furbaby than by donating to an animal-friendly cause.

Together we can all make a change, just one wedding at a time.

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