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The ultimate Cape Town wedding planning guide to help you with your wedding planning journey

Wedding planning can be stressful enough without COVID-19 gate crashing your big day. With the current pandemic not only in Cape Town but worldwide, it’s hard not to let this added stress get you down.

For those brides who need some guidance or clarity during these uncertain times while planning your wedding. We have put together an overview to help you get your wedding planning journey started.

1) Book your Cape Town wedding planner

Wedding planners play an essential part in putting your big day together. Not only do they save you time, but they ensure that you get to enjoy the wedding planning journey with your future spouse.

Your Cape Town wedding planner will also guide you through the wedding planning process. They have already built the stepping stones into making your day perfect and that everything runs exactly as it’s supposed to on the day of your wedding.

If you want to prioritize any of these steps, this is the one. So do yourself, your families, and even your partner a favour and book yourself a wedding planner, its money well spent believe me.

2) Discuss your wedding planning budget

It can be an awkward place to start your wedding planning, but its also the most crucial point as your budget will determine each and every decision in your wedding planning journey. Put your number on the table that you both feel comfortable spending and get into your planning!

Cape Town Wedding Planner

3) Select your perfect wedding venue

Cape Town offers so many different wedding venues to suit every wedding desire. You can take a look here at some fantastic wedding venue ideas in and around the Cape Town area.

Cape Town Wedding Planner

4) Book your marriage officer

Your marriage officer can be connected to any religious tie or they can be non-denominational. They will also guide you through the South African requirements of your marriage license, as this can get quite complicated. Make sure to choose someone you have already met and that you know will represent who you are as a couple.

Cape Town Wedding Planner

5) Book your wedding photographer and videographer

Take a look at the types of photographers that you like the look of, as each photographer has a different photography style. Some offer a more dramatic style, some focus on natural light photography or even documentary style.

Choose your favourite style and then book an 8-hour wedding photography package. Yes, you will use all 8 hours we promise!

6) Book your hair and makeup artist

When you book your hair and makeup artist make sure you schedule your hair and makeup trial too. This is not only important to determine the style of look and feel you want on your wedding day, but it gives you the time to get to know your artist before your wedding day.

You want to gel well with you hair and makeup artist.

The Wedding Fairy - Cape Town Wedding Planner

7) Get your invitations designed and delivered

So much creativity and so many options to choose from! Its now time to get your wedding invitations or save-the-dates designed, sealed, and delivered.

Whether you are designing a wedding website, sending digital invitations, paperless post, DIYing your invitations, or hiring a stationery designer, get some inspiration on Pinterest.

8) Consider your wedding DJ and live entertainment

You can even choose both! Having live entertainment or music during your cocktail hour brings that added fun to your wedding day. You could even have a band play during your reception, because why not?

Cape Town Wedding Planner - The Wedding Fairy

9) Choose and secure your wedding cake

Our favourite and most delicious part! You can even consider a dessert table along with your wedding cake. This also acts as a midnight snack table or gifts for your guests.

10) Purchase your wedding attire

Its now time to get wedding dress shopping, securing your bridesmaid’s dresses, and selecting your groom and groomsmen suits.

Cape Town Wedding Planner

11) Decide on the gifts for your guests

Get creative with this step, as its a way for your guests to remember this special day with you. Don’t forget how these gifts will work with your wedding decor, you don’t want them to clash with your flowers or your colour selection.

12) Finalise your wedding day stationey

Think of your table numbers, your seating chart, name cards, menus and so so much more.

13) Secure your wedding flowers and decor

Try to save this step until the end as it can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. Also, as you plan your wedding your vision will feel more clear and this step will unfold naturally.

Don’t forget to keep in mind what flowers are available in your wedding season.

14) Enjoy every moment of your Cape Town wedding planning

Take the time to breathe, relax, and enjoy every step of the wedding and the journey leading up to it.

To enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey, click to secure your Cape Town wedding planner today.

Cape Town Wedding Planner

With love from Cape Town Wedding Planner and Virtual Assistant

The Wedding Fairy 

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