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If you are ready to start wedding dress shopping and you’re stuck in the COVID-19 lockdown, here are some techno-savvy tricks to give you the best shopping experience!

Thanks to stay-at-home orders, you’re likely not able to have the traditional salon experience. That said, many bridal boutiques have adapted their practices so you don’t have to wait to find the one.

Do a Virtual Try-On

Many bridal brands and designers have begun using Zoom and Facetime to connect face-to-face with brides and to create an at-home bridal salon experience through virtual appointments and one-on-one styling sessions conducted over video. If you want to physically touch and try on your dress before making the big decision, some brands even offer programs that ship wedding gown and bridesmaid dress samples straight to your door. See a list of international brands offering virtual sessions here.

Shop Online

Online shopping is still safe at this time! Check out the best sites to shop for local wedding dresses below.

Order Ahead

If you’re looking to order a bridal gown and/or bridesmaid dresses from a traditional retailer, we suggest doubling the lead time on purchasing gowns. The average recommended lead time is 8 to 12 weeks prior to the wedding, so consider doing so between 16 and 24 weeks ahead of time.

Trust your gut

That self-assurance is going to serve you well once brands reopen their ateliers and stores welcome customers through their doors once again. But given our new reality and priorities, expect the shopping process to shift slightly.

Let’s not forget that with all these options you can still sip on some bubbles in the comfort of your own home!

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