Wedding Face Masks For Your Big Day

Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: Wedding Face Masks For Your Big Day

Just because the corona-virus pandemic has taken over the world does not mean it should take over your big wedding day!

Looking back, we would have never thought that wedding face masks would make their way into bridal fashion, but yet, here we are.

So here are a few wedding mask ideas to make you look and feel FAB on your wedding day.

Wedding Masks for Couples: Mr. and Mrs. Masks

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding face masks
  • Imagine the fun pictures you can take while wearing these masks. They are sold separately so you can pair masks for Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs.
  • You can buy these masks on Etsy

Wedding Mask For Brides: Lace Print

Lace Wedding Face Mask
  • Something for the lace lovers and also something beautiful that will blend in with your wedding dress.
  • You can buy this mask on Etsy

Wedding Masks For The Bide and Bridesmaids 

Wedding Mask for Bride and Bridesmaids
  • If you want a matching wedding party you can treat your bridesmaids to matching comfortable wedding face masks with an ethereal leaf print.

Witty Wedding face Mask : Spread Love Not Germs

Spread Love Not Germs Wedding Face Mask
  • Give a witty nod to the times with this cheeky wedding mask. After all, spreading love is more important than anything else.
  • You can buy them on Etsy

Wedding Party Masks

Wedding Party Masks
  • Your guests are sure to chuckle when you walk into the reception wearing these wedding masks.
  • You can buy them on Etsy

I Do” Wedding Mask

i do wedding mask
  • Not only does this crystal “I do” mask make a statement for all your guests but it would also leave your man smiling all the way.

Last Name Wedding Mask

Last name wedding mask
  • Changing your last name? this is in fact an exciting way to show it off! 
  • You can buy them on Etsy

Best for Customizing: Vistaprint Custom wedding Mask

customized  wedding mask
  • Planning an ultra-personalized party? Then you should consider customize your mask too!

Wedding masks to match your dress and tux

Matching wedding masks
  • Wedding masks can be chic take it from this couple as proof. In fact, by getting styles that matched their dress and tuxedo, these masks made their wedding day look unforgettable. 
  • You can customize your wedding masks at Zazzle

Wedding Face Masks for the “Groom’s Crew”

  • Go all out with matching wedding masks for your groomsmen. Besides Having fun with designs and colors will make wearing a mask more enjoyable. 
  • You can Buy them on Etsy

Other places to buy or custom make your masks:

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