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Congratulations on your engagement, hooray! Once you come down from your engagement bubble it’s time to get cracking on your wedding plans, which can feel overwhelming.

Where to start

The first point of call is to contact your Wedding Planner! A Wedding Planner will guide you on all the next steps of your wedding planning journey and help you visualize your dream wedding!

Discuss your wedding as a couple

It sounds like an obvious starting point, but it’s important that you are both on the same page in the type of wedding that you would like to celebrate as a couple. Book a table at a local restaurant (or cook dinner at home during lockdown), turn off your phone, pour some wine, and connect. The Wedding Fairy always advises that you both write down your top 3 non-negotiables (the most important items you do not want to compromise on). Every couple is different, but it helps to know what really matters to each of you.

Set a budget

The next step is the discuss your wedding budget and how much you aim to spend on your wedding day. So many decisions will rely on this point such as how many guests you want to invite and the venue selection. It could be an uncomfortable conversation to discuss who is paying for what, as who likes to talk about finances anyway.

Select a date range

The moment you get engaged your loved ones will start asking almost immediately “when is the wedding date?” Start with a range of dates that you have in mind, for example, a summer wedding between December-February. Keep in mind important occasions that could be taking place between those months and try to avoid these dates. The last thing you want is a very NB rugby game taking place on the day of your wedding!

Select a Venue

Once you know the type of wedding, the budget, the size of your wedding, and the date range you can now look at venues taking all these points into consideration.

Contact venues that are in your price range and ask them for their availability during your date range.

Next, plan a site visit to your chosen top 3 venues to make your final decision!

Enjoy the wedding planning journey

Your wedding day is not only about the day of your wedding, its about everything leading up to it. Make sure you enjoy your wedding planning journey and take time to reflect on the journey. Take in every moment!

Having a wedding planner will guide you at each point of your wedding day to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the planning process.

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With love from Cape Town Wedding Planner and Virtual Assistant,

The Wedding Fairy 

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